He smiles at you again. Perhaps truly happy.\n\nThis isn't the boy you fell in love with. He faded in your dreams, long ago. \n\nBut that boy was never real. <<if $affection eq 2>>\n\nThis one is.<<endif>>\n\nYou look out over the green sea as fire rains in the distance and the sky tears apart above you.\n\nYou watch the end of the world--together, finally.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[End.|Credits]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $yourhousewall = "yes">>\n<<set $yourhouse = $yourhouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>It's been so long since you were here. You'd forgotten so much. So much is coming back to you.\n\nYou always felt more at home, here. This was home.\n\nYou travelled far. You were always moving. But it never felt right. Never felt like somewhere you could stop.\n\nThe world was ending, now. So you came back here.\n\nTo find something of him.\n\n[[Back|house]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $yourhouseletters = "yes">>\n<<set $yourhouse = $yourhouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>You'd left the village for the mainland, the city. Something better than this place, where you could maybe have a real life. You were eighteen.\n\nHe stayed behind.\n\nYou wrote letters to your parents, who were happy to hear what you made of yourself. You wrote letters to him, but never heard back. You wonder if they made it to him. You should have sent them through your parents.\n\nThe world was different than the village. But also the same. The same people, everywhere.\n\nExcept him. Not him.\n\n[[Back|house]]
Thunder rumbles. Not long now.\n\n[[Sit with him to the end.|EndWorld]]\n[[Dream with him one last time.|EndDream]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $hishousecarving = "yes">>\n<<set $hishouse = $hishouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>He was always making those little carvings. He was good at them. You saw that.\n\nHis parents tried to get him to stop. Tried to get him to help his father, to work the fishing boats, to do something. To be a Man.\n\nHe wanted to be an artist.\n\nHe was a better person than any man you knew.\n\n[[Back|door]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $yourhousecarving = "yes">>\n<<set $yourhouse = $yourhouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>You kept one of his little wooden carvings when you left. A dragon. You lost it somewhere. You'd cried when you realized.\n\nHe was always making those. But he said he'd only given them to you.\n\nWhat did he do with the rest? you'd asked.\n\nThrew them into the sea for someone to find.\n\nWhat a waste, you'd thought.\n\n[[Back|house]]
You'll never forget the fire raining from the heavens. It was during the war. Nobody knew if it was a weapon, or a symptom of what was coming.\n\n[[Back|Village]]
The temple was always a sturdy building. Maybe people took shelter there. There are a couple of houses, too, largely missed by the fires.\n\nThey look lonely, now. Alone amidst the ruins. Destruction might have been better.\n\n[[Back|Village]]
<<display 'music'>>There he is. Sitting on the cliff, watching the fire and lightning.\n\nHe looks up at you.\n\n[[Put your arms around him.|EndArms]]\n[[Kiss him.|EndKiss]]\n[[Sit next to him.|EndSit]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $lingering = 0>>\n<<set $linger1 = "no">>\n<<set $linger2 = "no">>\n<<set $hishouse = 0>>\n<<set $yourhouse = 0>>\n<<set $hishousewindchime = "no">>\n<<set $hishousebook = "no">>\n<<set $hishouserods = "no">>\n<<set $hishousebed = "no">>\n<<set $hishousecarving = "no">>\n<<set $hishouseportrait = "no">>\n<<set $yourhouseletters = "no">>\n<<set $yourhousebook = "no">>\n<<set $yourhousewindchime = "no">>\n<<set $yourhousecarving = "no">>\n<<set $yourhousewall = "no">>\n<<set $visit = 0>>\n<<set $affection = 0>>\n<<loopsound "waves.ogg" >>\n<<endsilently>>(Before we begin, what gender are you?)\n\n[[Female|Opening]] | [[Male|Opening]] | [[Other|Opening]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $yourhousebook = "yes">>\n<<set $yourhouse = $yourhouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>You met other people while you were gone. Had other boyfriends, even. Fell in love.\n\nYou remember one, a student. Studied philosophy, made you answer difficult questions just so he could argue with you. But you like it, it made you think. You loved him. Wanted to be with him forever, maybe, though by then you'd started to doubt that dream. And he had more time for his studies than for you.\n\nWhen he was gone, all that remained was the memory of the boy from your village.\n\n[[Back|house]]
The house where you grew up, perched on a rock in the middle of the blue sea. It's grey now, the sea. Green when lightning flashes. Uncaring, now.\n\nThough you never liked it much.\n\nYour house must be one of the few with some semblence of structure remaining. Part of the roof caved in, maybe hit by falling fire. But the walls are standing. The door swings on its hinges, eerily silent.\n\n<<if $visit eq 0>>[[I can't do this yet; go back.|Back1]]<<endif>>\n[[Enter the house.|house]]
You wake up.\n\nThe sky has opened. Thunder cracks, the tear widens, a maw to swallow the world.\n\nHe's here. You know he's here.\n\n[[Get up.|End12]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $hishouseportrait = "yes">>\n<<set $hishouse = $hishouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>You'd discovered at some point that you could enter each other's dreams. No waiting to meet up, to see the other--but going and looking.\n\nThere'd been an unspoken understanding though, that you wouldn't. It didn't seem right. Dreams could be so private.\n\nAt least, you'd thought it an unspoken agreement. You'd been together for a while then, so comfortable with each other, more than without. But you'd wanted some time alone. Sometimes you just need some time alone.\n\nHe came looking. Pushed himself into your dream without invitation.\n\nYou'd been shocked. It felt like a betrayal. You felt... violated.\n\nWhen you confronted him, he didn't understand what he'd done. But for you, something had changed.\n\n[[Back|door]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $hishouserods = "yes">>\n<<set $hishouse = $hishouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>He was frail, skinny. You wonder if his parents didn't feed him sometimes. They were strict. They didn't like you. Didn't like anyone, really.\n\nYour parents would let him come over, fed him as much as he could eat. They eyed the two of you, wondering. They were parents, after all.\n\nYou don't think you were in love with him, then. But how can you tell? It seemed like you were always in love with him.\n\nYou think you realized it when you went fishing. You were doing most of the fishing. He was whittling something for you. It wasn't a dream, but it felt like it--a lazy summer day, together. You spent a lot of days together.\n\nAnd suddenly you realized you didn't want to spend any apart.\n\nHe was happy, with you.\n\n[[Back|His House2]]
The ground shakes. You don't know how much time there is left.\n\n[[The cliffs.|End13]]
[[You watch the sky rain fire. You keep running.|End16]]
<<set $visit = $visit + 1>><<if $visit eq 1>>He'd hurt you, before you left. But you'd forgiven him almost immediately, somewhere inside you.\n\nYou hoped he'd known that.\n\nYou'd wanted him to go with you, despite everything. But you wouldn't have stayed just for him, either.\n\n[[Continue|Village3]]<<endif>><<if $visit eq 2>><<display 'End1'>><<endif>>
[[Up the cliff path.|End18]]
<<set $visit = $visit + 1>><<if $visit eq 1>>You'd been thinking of going to the mainland, the city--get out of here, see the world, do something with your life. After the intrusion, well... You left that week.\n\nSomewhere in you, you'd wanted him to go with you, despite everything. But you wouldn't have stayed just for him, either.\n\n[[Continue|Village3]]<<endif>><<if $visit eq 2>><<display 'End1'>><<endif>>
He leans into you, with a smile.\n\n<<display 'End20'>>
You remember exactly where his house was. Miraculously, it's still there, damaged but standing. The white paint has been scorched black, the tree out front fallen into the roof, the back wall falling.\n\n<<if $visit eq 0>>[[I can't do this yet; go back.|Back1]]<<endif>>\n[[Enter the house.|His House2]]
Your wooden boat bumps against the rock.\n\n[[Jump out and pull it ashore.|Boat1]]\n[[Abandon the boat--you aren't leaving here anyway.|Boat2]]
The inside is a mess. Exposed to the elements for so long, and the elements now include fire and hail. The wood rots, mud covers a lot, frozen, ash and snow swirl in little whirlwinds.\n\nPapers are strewn across the floor, <<if $yourhouseletters eq "no">>[[letters you wrote|letters]]<<else>>letters you wrote<<endif>>, rotting now, fading. <<if $yourhousebook eq "no">>[[Books|books]]<<else>>Books<<endif>>, too, their pages flipping wildly in the wind. Your parents loved books. Above you, a broken <<if $yourhousewindchime eq "no">>[[windchime|windchime2]]<<else>>windchime<<endif>> clangs discordantly; every house had one, to keep away spirits.\n\nYou spot a little <<if $yourhousecarving eq "no">>[[wooden carving|carving2]]<<else>>wooden carving<<endif>> in the corner. A boat. Above it, a <<if $yourhousewall eq "no">>[[small heart|heart]]<<else>>small heart<<endif>> you carved into the wall behind where the bookshelf stood.\n\n<<if $yourhouse eq 5>>[[Leave the house.|LeaveYour]]<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $hishousewindchime = "yes">>\n<<set $hishouse = $hishouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>You met him in a dream.\n\nYou recognized him--a boy from the village. He was quiet; you never talked much.\n\nHe had beautiful eyes. You don't remember when you realized that. Was it that first dream? No, it was later.\n\nNeither of you understood what was happening at first. Not for days. Then he said he'd give you a wooden carving the next day. To see if it was all real.\n\nHe did. A little wooden boat.\n\n[[Back|His House2]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $yourhousewindchime = "yes">>\n<<set $yourhouse = $yourhouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>After you left, you never met anyone else in your dreams. No one you could share that time with.\n\nYou dreamed of him. But it was the faceless him of dreams, not the one that would meet you in his, that you would spend endless hours with in landscapes you created, listening to his stories.\n\nYou never met him in a dream again, after you left.\n\nIt was lonely, in those dreams.\n\nYou even met a scholar once, who tried to explain the world of dreams to you when you asked.\n\nIt didn't answer any of your questions.\n\n[[Back|house]]
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A voice.\n\nHis voice.\n\n[[Find him.|End11]]
[[You stumble across the ruins.|End15]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $lingering = $lingering + 1>>\n<<set $linger2 = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>It takes a moment to gather yourself. What did you think you'd find here, before it all ended?\n\nMaybe some peace.\n\nMaybe him.\n\nYou missed him.\n\nBut no--he was dead, now. [[So many people were dead.|Village3]]
\n\nWritten by Lucas J.W. Johnson\nMusic by Devin Vibert\n\n<html><a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/33TQY3K">If you have a moment, we'd love to get your feedback on this game! Please click here.</a></html>\n\n<html><a href="http://silverstringmedia.com">Check out Silverstring Media for more great content.</a></html>
<<silently>>\n<<set $hishousebook = "yes">>\n<<set $hishouse = $hishouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>You went down to a river once in summer. Lay in the shade of a willow, the branches swaying in the warm breeze. It was warm, then.\n\nYou could go anywhere in dreams.\n\nIn the real world, he was quiet, withdrawn, even around you. His eyes downcast, his smile half-hidden. You told him to smile more, he had a good smile.\n\nMaybe he was sad, then.\n\nIn dreams, together, he was more alive. Would tell you stories, make up tales of wizards and dragons. Said he wanted to be a great sorcerer.\n\nYou told him that was adorable.\n\nHe pretended to be insulted, said he would make a great sorcerer. Maybe he'd just be an artist. A storyteller. A lover.\n\nHe was a dreamer, you said. You both laughed at that.\n\n[[Back|His House2]]
<<playsound "end.ogg" >>
<<set $lingering = $lingering + 1>>You remember what the village used to look like. Comfort amid the rocks. Little houses painted white, what trees could be coaxed to grow. The sun was warm, then. A few hundred people, you knew them all.\n\n[[Continue|Faces1]]
No point thinking about what used to be here. It's all gone now, anyway.\n\n[[Continue|Faces1]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $lingering = $lingering + 1>>\n<<set $linger1 = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>You linger a moment in the cold. So many memories, here. People you knew.\n\nThe sky is dark. Green lightning flashes among the clouds. There is a tear in the sky, a rip, the world coming undone. It's been growing for days.\n\n[[It's been in your dreams longer.|Village2]]
<<fadeoutsound "waves.ogg" >><<fadeinsound "lingering.ogg" >>You remember the way well, remember each stone, even though it's been years.\n\n[[Linger and remember.|Linger1]]\n[[No sense wasting time.|Linger2]]
<<if $lingering gte 2>>[[Did you linger too long?|End17]]<<else>>[[Up the cliff path.|End18]]<<endif>>
The inside is a mess, as you'd expect it to be. Wind and rain had made their way inside, then snow, piled into a drift in the corner. Dishes and tools strewn across the floor.\n\nA <<if $hishousewindchime eq "no">>[[windchime|windchime1]]<<else>>windchime<<endif>> hangs above the door, a ward against bad spirits and nightmares, clanging in the cold wind. A <<if $hishousebook eq "no">>[[book|book]]<<else>>book<<endif>>, water-damaged and ripped, is half-buried by snow. <<if $hishouserods eq "no">>[[Fishing rods|rods]]<<else>>fishing rods<<endif>> that had once hung on the wall now lay across the floor.\n\n[[A doorway in the back|door]] leads to his room.\n<<if $hishouse eq 6>>[[Leave the house.|LeaveHis]]<<endif>>
<<set $affection = $affection + 1>>He kisses you gladly, breaking away with a smile on his face.\n\n<<display 'End20'>>
<<playsound "end.ogg" >>"I've been waiting for you," he says.\n\n[["I'm sorry."|EndSorry]]\n[["I know."|EndKnow]]\n[["I still love you."|EndLove]]
[[You can't remember anyone's face. Not even your mother's.|Faces2]]
[[You can remember his, though.|Faces3]]
You reach the top of the path, where the village stood. You'd heard it was destroyed when fires rained from the sky. But you hadn't pictured [[this|Village]].
His room. You remember how it looked, then. It's so different, now. Abandoned, empty. Its soul is gone.\n\nHis <<if $hishousebed eq "no">>[[bed|bed]]<<else>>bed<<endif>> sits in the corner. The sheets are black from dirt and rot. There's a little table beside it; a small <<if $hishousecarving eq "no">>[[wooden carving|carving1]]<<else>>wooden carving<<endif>> sits on top, a horse. Hanging on the wall by the door--how did it stay up?--is a sketch he made, <<if $hishouseportrait eq "no">>[[a self-portrait|portrait]]<<else>>a self-portrait<<endif>>. His eyes are all wrong.\n\n[[Go back.|His House2]]\n<<if $hishouse eq 6>>[[Leave the house.|LeaveHis]]<<endif>>
His eyes are bright in the light of the dying sky.\n\n"Me too. I'm just glad you're here again. I wanted us to be together."\n\n<<display 'End21'>>
You used to sit with him on the cliffs to watch the sunset.\n\n[[Run.|End14]]
He looks at you with a quiet smile.\n\n<<display 'End20'>>
You're going to have to face it eventually, before the end.\n\n[[Continue|Village2]]
.passage {font-size:18px;}
Before the End of the World
No need for it any more. You avoid the frigid water and jump to shore.\n\n[[Trudge up the path.|Path]]
The water is frigid. You don't remember it ever being so cold.\n\n[[Trudge up the path.|Path]]
It's been colder every day. Ice coming from the north. The whole world is freezing.\n\n[[Back|Village]]
No. You haven't heard from him. You would've, by now.\n\n[[Your dreams have been unusually quiet, these days.|Village2]]
[[Was he one of the survivors?|bodies3]]
The smile he gives you is a sad one.\n\nYou will see the boy you fell in love with once more before the end.\n\nYou look out over the green sea as fire rains in the distance and the sky tears apart above you, and close your eyes.\n\nThe world fades, and you dream.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[End.|Credits]]
His eyes are bright in the light of the dying sky.\n\n"I'm glad you're here. I'm sorry. I just wanted us to be together."\n\n<<display 'End21'>>
It's getting dark now, though it never really gets dark any more. The scar in the sky glows angrily. It's tearing the world apart.\n\n[[Tonight, you think.|End2]]
The old temple wall will give you some shelter. You wrap yourself in a cloak and lie down in the snow.\n\nYou hope he's someplace better, now. You hope he's somewhere warm.\n\n[[It's time to sleep through the end of the world.|End4]]
The fire is raining in the distance. The hole in the sky growing. The world will end tonight.\n\nYou're glad you got back here, first. Just to see. To remember.\n\n[[Find somewhere to sleep.|End3]]
A beach.\n\nIt's warm in the sun.\n\nA windchime sounds faintly across the sand.\n\nYou're alone, but you've been alone for years.\n\n[[What's that?|End6]]
<<fadeoutsound "lingering.ogg" >>You close your eyes.\n\n[[Dream.|End5]]
A little wooden carving. [[A boat.|End8a]]
Something in the sand.\n\n[[Pick it up.|End7]]
You can't hold them all. They fill your arms. They keep coming.\n\nYou hear something.\n\n[[Listen.|End10]]
They're floating on the waves, carried to shore. Wooden carvings. Dozens of them, floating toward you, washing up on the sand.\n\n[[Gather them.|End9]]
It's snowing. The kind that doesn't really stick, but swirls around you like icy ghosts.\n\n<<if $linger1 eq "no">>[[Linger.|Linger3]]<<endif>>\n[[Find his house.|His House]]\n[[Find your house.|Your House]]
Green lightning flashes, outlining the ruins around you. You think the tear in the sky is growing as you watch.\n\nYou know the end is close. Today, maybe. Tomorrow. The world is being torn apart.\n\nIt's colder--always colder.\n\n<<if $linger2 eq "no">>[[Linger.|Linger4]]<<endif>>\n<<if $yourhouse eq 5>>[[Find his house.|His House]]<<endif>><<if $hishouse eq 6>>[[Find your house.|Your House]]<<endif>>
<<set $affection = $affection + 1>>His eyes are bright in the light of the dying sky.\n\n"I always loved you. I'm glad you're here again. I wanted us to be together."\n\n<<display 'End21'>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $hishousebed = "yes">>\n<<set $hishouse = $hishouse + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>You agreed that you didn't want your first time to be in a dream. You'd both had dreams like that, of course, but not with each other, not the dreams that were so real.\n\nHis parents were away to the mainland. You went to his house, this house. This room. This bed.\n\nYou caressed his body, his skin smooth beneath your touch. He was gentle with you.\n\nIt was awkward. You were both sixteen. Neither of you had done it before. And yet it couldn't have been more perfect.\n\nYou were in love, after all.\n\nYou did it a lot more after that. In dreams and out.\n\n[[Back|door]]
<<display 'music'>>There he is. Sitting on the cliff, watching the fire and lightning.\n\nHe looks up at you.\n\n[[Put your arms around him.|EndArms]]\n[[Kiss him.|EndKiss]]\n[[Sit next to him.|EndSit]]
The ground is [[scorched|scorched]]. The trees are dead. Few [[buildings|buildings]] stand; the rest are blackened timbers and broken stone. [[Ash and snow|ash]] mix in the crevaces and corners.\n\nYou don't see many [[bodies|bodies]] though.
Lucas J.W. Johnson
The survivors probably moved them. Burned or buried, before everyone left. You'd seen it before, other villages. \n\n[[So many dead.|bodies2]]
[[Look up.|End8]]